Cheer team update: Gearing up for upcoming competition


 The varsity cheer team has spent the last several weeks getting ready for their first competition of the season held on October 15. Currently in practice the team was perfecting their routine while also practicing sideline cheering for the football team.

     Both captains said that they are nervous for the upcoming meet but also excited. They haven’t had a competition since last year so the nerves were high for this competition. 

     This year’s captains are senior Kylie Testerman and senior Kaylin Shew. They were both very excited for the upcoming competition. Testerman said “I am feeling pretty confident this year with competitions, everything is hitting consistently and we are working hard as a team to get better.” 

     Both team captains are very happy with the team dynamic this year.  Shew said, “I think everyone on the team is close. I love everyone on the team and we all get along.” Testerman said “The team works really well together and we help motivate each other to do better. It is fun to be surrounded by friends” said Shew. 

     Testerman said, “Practices are usually productive and we work on things to make the routine cleaner and more interesting to watch.” The cheer team practices at least four times a week. 

     The practices are usually not full mat practices. Due to other indoor sports the cheer team rarely gets full mats. “They say we can use the gym but realistically it’s way too hard with mats and volleyball,” said junior Valorie Radel.  “We are actually planning on talking to Pawlicki to try and get the cafeteria but because of covid they will not let us use the cafeteria for practice,” said Senior Julia Harris 

     The team practices in the wrestling room most of the time. The ceilings are too low and there are not enough mats. “When winter comes as of right now we have nowhere to practice,” Harris stated. Radel said, “They are almost never mat because the school won’t give us the space.”

     The cheer team has been frustrated with not having room to practice especially with their upcoming competition they need the room to practice on full mats. “The routines are difficult and need to be practiced and it is impossible to do the full routine in the wrestling room,” said Radel. They want the room to be able to practice full mat, especially with the upcoming meet and the meets that are coming up soon after.    

     “The amount of injuries we’ve gotten from that wrestling room…. it’s not fit for our routine,” said Radel. Radel has been struggling with a shoulder injury for some of the season as well as bruises and soreness from practices. Many others say they have been struggling with injuries due to the lack of space.