Girls lacrosse springing into season; Expectations, preparations for upcoming games


Haley Stone

The girls lacrosse team attended their first practice. Looking forward to the upcoming season.


     Just like spring flowers, the girls lacrosse has bloomed and the team is heading into their first few games of the season. The girls had tryouts from March 1 to March 5.

     They had their first scrimmage against John Carroll March 14 at home. The girls lost the game 7 to 13.  In total this year they will play 14, including 8 at home and 6 away.

      Junior Piper Wright said, “Some of my expectations this season is to put in a lot of hard work. This year we are playing a lot of good teams like Fallston, C. Milton Wright, Towson, and Hereford.” Wright added, “I am definitely expecting a lot of hard practices and games. But this will only make our team and program better.”

     Junior Isabella Southard said, “This season I am most excited for our game days, especially now that everything is back to normal.” She added she is excited to have “families and friends  coming out to watch again….”  She says lacrosse has been a part of her life since she was four “it’s a part of who I am.”

     Some players are nervous for the upcoming season. Sophomore Kayla Doll said, “I was a little nervous about this season because it is my first year on varsity but the girls [treated me] like family and the coaches are always there when I am doubting myself.”

     Junior Reilly Holmstrom, one of the goalies for the varsity team, said, “I’m kind of nervous but not really, yes and no, I am nervous because it is my first year with varsity, but also I’m not because the girls on the team are all supportive, as well as the coaches always pushing us to do our best.”

     On the contrary, Southard said, “I’m not really nervous for the season, considering  all of the girls on the team are girls I have played with for so long.”

     Both Holmstrom and Wright have played lacrosse for almost 11 years, they both said that being on the lacrosse field is a positive place for them.  “Lacrosse means happiness to me,” said Wright. 

     Holmstrom said, “This year is very exciting because it is going to be my first full year of high school lacrosse. When I was younger I always dreamed about playing in high school.”

     Southard said, “Overall I have high expectations for the upcoming season. I think we will do well considering most of us have played together for years. I feel confident in how we will work together as a team on and off the field.”