Girl’s volleyball team serves up great start; Hawks Goals, progress, this season

Photo Credit: Team Parents
The team huddled up on water break,
Photo captured before getting back in action.

Photo Credit: Team Parents The team huddled up on water break, Photo captured before getting back in action.

GABRIELLE MOXHAM and MEGHAN KALCK, Reporter and SSC Editor/Studio Manager

The girls volleyball team has a tied season so far with a 2-2 record but is hoping to pull out some more wins following the rest of the season.

     Senior Sierra Wendland says that the team “blends really well on the court.” They are still getting to know each other because it is still a little early in the season but they have “really come together.”

     The team still has some things to work on according to Wendlend such as needing “to get in the habit of not giving up when we are down,” and keeping up the energy.

     The team overall has great communication and “our trust in each other has improved,” but even with that she believes that they have “little chance of making it to states.” 

     Senior Sierra McManus stated she thinks “we are doing well, but there are definitely a lot of areas that could use improvement like team bonding off the court. Where we could do sleepovers or team dinners.” McManus believes they do well with communication and on the court they are “put together.” She claims she sees a lot of potential. 

     One main goal especially according to the seniors was that they wanted to be closer, and have no drama. They look forward to having a great season and hopefully the best so far. 

     According to  Coach Barbara Mathews, training usually looks like “about an hour and a half of good practice, usually including hitting, a lot of conditioning, and a lot of working on past mistakes from previous games.” Mathews goals this season include, improvement in general and building a better team. So far she believes they are doing fairly well this season.

     While Mathews does not believe in “star” players, however, she claims she does have key players, as in players who are returning from last year. It is easier to call them this because she already knows their strengths and weaknesses along with what they contribute to the team. These returning players include Isabella Singh (setter), Sierra McManus (outside hitter), Sierra Wendland (libero). 

     Because they do not have anyone to shoot footage of their matches, the volleyball team says it is difficult to assess how things are going in real time..  Mathews commented that if anyone is interested in doing film, they should see her in the office.