Outer Banks, paradise on Earth; New season released, buzzing around

Bella Arist, Reporter

     The third season of Outer Banks was released on Friday, Feb. 3, and has been getting millions of views within days. There have been many mixed reviews on this season, and has attracted a wide audience.

     Junior Mason Adelhardt claimed, “out of all the season, this one has definitely been the worst so far.” He later explained “they are running out of plot ideas, which makes the show really hard to watch. If you don’t have a good plot, it isn’t an intriguing show.”
    Adelhardt said the problem wasn’t the actual problem in the season. “The acting was actually really good and very impressive on how the actors kept up with their roles, even in the later season.” 

     The student claimed, “my favorite part was definitely when JJ and Jie started to get together. It was something all of the fans have been hoping for, so I am glad the producer incorporated that into this season.” All over TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and more, watchers have been vocalizing their wants on having those two characters get together.

     For Adelhardt, “season one was my favorite, because this season they didn’t do a great job with keeping on track of the plot. I didn’t like how they brought so many new characters and different little stories during the big story.”

     Along with Adelhardt, senior Abby Averella’s favorite season was also season one. She claimed, “my favorite character was definitely JJ, because he is such a sad character with a devastating past that it just makes viewers need to love and support him.” 

     In real life, main character John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) dated and had a very public relationship. Before the production of season three, they broke up in real life but were still dating in the show. Averella thought, “it was weird that after they broke up in real life they barely talked anymore in the show. They were, like, the main power couple, but after breaking up, it just offset the vibe of their relationship in the show.” 

     This watchers favorite twist was “the introduction of John B’s dad because of how intriguing his character was.” At the end of season two, there was a short clip of John B’s dad, which gave viewers the hint that his character would be a part in the following season. 

     Averella said, “this show was not expectable at all because of how many different twists and weird plots that were mixed within each episode.” 

     Sophomore Cole Shultz disagrees with Averella, as he said, “the ending was very expectable and wasn’t a very powerful move to end with.” He explained, “as I was watching, the plot stayed pretty solid all the way throughout the entire season.”

     Shultz’s favorite character this season was, “Pope, because he has changed so much personality-wise and was very outgoing, which made him a more enjoyable character to watch.”

     Although he liked the plot, he said, “the acting was kind of mid, because there were a couple parts where [he] could see the stunt doubles which made it off. Overall, it was a pretty solid show, and [he] would recommend others to watch it.”