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Should the northern Harford County area have its own 'snow zone' for inclement weather days?

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Total Voters: 65

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Love Is Blind season five released; Mixed reviews from students

     The Netflix reality show Love is Blind released a new season for viewers to watch. This series is about men and women being put in pods and forming connections through a wall. The end result is projected to be couples falling in love without seeing each other before.

      Freshman Maddy Averella watched the new season and she “wasn’t disappointed at all.” She claimed, “there were a lot of unexpected things that happened. I didn’t expect how many couples didn’t last. In the end there are usually more than two couples that last.”

     In this season, there were two characters who had already known each other in the outside world. They had dated and ended on good terms, but the ex-girlfriend being there wasn’t a coincidence. She went through her ex-boyfriend’s computer and found the email of him applying, then later applied.

     Averella explained, “having the exes there caused a lot of drama and many people to be upset. Although it ruined [ the ex-boyfriend’s] chance of finding love, it made it entertaining for people watching.” She said, “Season One was my favorite because it was a new concept and it didn’t seem dragged on from the start.” 

      Along with Averella, junior Maggie Dawson claimed her “favorite season was the first one because it was new.” She explained, “I always knew from the start that some people would be more controversial just by what they were talking about, and their background shared in the pods.” 

     Dawson also explained “the whole layout of the show has been the same through every season, so it is very easy to follow since viewers know what to expect.” Dawson mentioned there were some people she didn’t like from the beginning, just because of “the sound of their voice.”

     Senior Lily Potter “liked the new season because the other seasons after the first were bad, because it felt very forced and there were never two people who stayed together the whole time.” Unlike the other seasons, “in this recent one, there were a lot more people who stayed together and formed genuine connections with the other people in the experiment.” 

     Potter shared, “this season felt a lot less chaotic, which made it more interesting, so I didn’t get lost and bored because I actually understood it.”

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