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Annual Art Show attracts attention

Hawks share commentary on student pieces
Annual Art Show attracts attention

     From Wednesday, May 1 to Friday, May 3, NH once again hosted its annual Art Show, where many different pieces were displayed for both the school and the public.

     There was a wide range of work this year; art teacher Mr. Jason Blevins’ classes – fine art prep, drawing and painting, advanced drawing, and advanced painting – had various works ranging from inked cats in orange trees, created by sophomore Mia Siegel, to an interpretation of the fall of Lucifer created by junior Kora Niebel. Classes taught by fellow art teacher Mrs. Lisa Campbell – which includes fine art prep and 3-D design – had pieces ranging from “spooky” chess boards, made by senior Mackenzie Scott, to stain-glass whales, made by junior Liz O’Brien.

     Fellow art and drama teacher Mrs. Nancy Green’s fine art prep class also had many pieces, such as a drawing of the dragons from How To Train Your Dragon by freshman Oliver Everett, to a drawing of Vincent van Gogh himself by freshman Taylor Kraus.

     The show itself was set up by advanced art students and members of the Art Guild. The groups arranged the works on various accordion boards to create a walk-through gallery, while more art was glued to shelves and arranged on more tables. Spread across the back of the library were eleven senior spaces for seniors Syd Culberson-Maurer, Liora Tolliver, Luke Brown, Kylie Watkins, Emma Cornman, Phillip Brown, Ryley Montgomery, Rachel Roberts, Toluwanise Oje, Elizabeth Ballister, and Jasmine Owens. 

     3-D design students also had senior spaces for seniors Miranda Davis, Kaylee Scott, Mackenzie Scott, Logan Haffner, Victoria Daniclczyk, Dyllan Dinbokowitz,  Emily Vaughn, Bella Brockmeyer, Stella Manns, Madelyn Wagner, and Abby Sersen.

     The Art Show drew reactions from both students and teachers. O’Brien explains that they think the show, “was a lot of fun, and I think it’s really cool that North Harford’s art students get to show the rest of the school what they’ve been working on all year (or through their high school career).”

     They continue, “I liked the addition of the comments; I think they’re a great way for artists to get audience interaction, and it just creates a lot of positivity.” 

     The advertisement for the show was created by sophomore Sascha Kendall. She says, “I was happy, but also kind of nervous,” because “everyone was seeing it and coming up to me like, ‘I saw your art!’” Kendall also adds that while she liked having her piece used, she was not used to being the “center of attention.”

      Likewise, Siegel adds that she “thoroughly enjoyed” setting up the Art Show, as the vice president of Art Guild. She explains that one of her favorite parts was seeing all the freshmen art pieces, because “it’s beautiful looking at art and knowing that this is only the start for so many of them. They are all so talented and have so much room to grow.”

     She continues that the senior displays, “were so insanely beautiful this year,” and she is “so incredibly proud of everyone that participated.” The sophomore adds that she thinks it’s “really cool that underclassmen have the Art Show to look at future projects they will get to do, and you can practically taste all of the inspiration in the air. I know I’m excited to continue growing with my art.”

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