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Should the northern Harford County area have its own 'snow zone' for inclement weather days?

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Weight loss medication more harm than good;

Effects this has on society

The push of weight loss pills. The reveal of Oprah Winfrey’s use of Ozempic to help her weight loss: These are two recent developments that have created attention around the weight loss industry.

     There have been so many medicines, apps, clubs, and plenty of different foods all focused for the one goal of weight loss. The trends on social media about workout plans with pilates, or people sharing personal stories of what they have struggled with are encouraging an unrealistic lifestyle, according to many medical professionals. Many people say that these social media platforms are contributing to self-doubt and creating unnecessary problems.

     Different pressures to either have a toned stomach, muscular body, thigh gap, or any other ‘imperfection’ that people believe in surrounds their own bodies can influence people’s thoughts negatively. Health teacher Mrs. Jacquelyn Williams believes that the idea of focusing on flaws in one’s body is driven by “the expectation unfortunately created by  our media.” The media shows different solutions to issues, and news channels show fun, ‘easy to be healthy’ and ‘fit,’ and ‘lose stubborn belly fat,’ even though science indicates  it’s a natural part of the body.

      Williams has strong opinions about medication for weight loss and similar drugs. “I think they are terrible, and they should be regulated more closely to monitor their impact on people and determine the authenticity of their claims.” A search of the term weight loss medication results in over 3,060,000,000 hits.

    Medical professionals notice the unhealthy ideas to be fit, skinny, and have an unrealistic body, which Williams adds, “Your biggest concern should be your health. Knowing the amount of food [and] nutrients that you should be getting is essential for a growing body. ” This statement is one that people should be worrying about, not focusing on weight and body size. The other factors such as diet and activity play just as important.

     For anyone struggling with their thoughts and insecurity on their bodies, William says, “Body weight is a range, and as long as you are within the range professionals say, you are ok.  But, body weight is NOT THE ONLY factor that makes a person healthy.”

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