Talented teachers take stage in annual event

Olivia Becker, Reporter

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It was a Friday night last February when many of North Harford High School students were on the edge of their seats ready to see the show of their lives. Any student who attended Teachers Got Talent will tell you that it was a great success and that they can’t wait for it this year.

  Junior Savannah Dieter and sophomore Joy Yoor will tell you the show, which is sponsored by the yearbook class,  was very funny. Dieter commented, “It was funny to see teachers up on stage doing things you would never picture them doing.” Another junior, Will Eakes, states that “Mrs. Renzulli’s and Mr. Pawlicki’s performance was hilarious.” He says he can’t wait for another funny act by them.

While students said they truly loved the show, they aren’t the only ones.  

    Many teacher participants loved being a part of the show and said they can’t wait to do it this year. English teacher  Mrs. Chris Allred will tell you her favorite part about it was “practicing and then the show itself, and just working with the other teachers” When asked if he was participating Mr. Jason Blevins said he “would very much love to.” He also wants all new participants to know to “leap and the net will appear, you gotta take a chance.”   

    Every teacher who was in Teachers Got Talent last year suggests that new people try it this year. When giving advice to the participants, first time performer Mr. Peddicord expressed how important it is to “have fun with it.” He added “You don’t necessarily have to do a solo performance if you don’t have a lot of talent you can always team up with other people and do something really funny.”

    The plan for this year’s show is already in action. Brooke Rickey, one of the students in charge of the show, said the organizers are “having teachers nominate each other, so it’s kind of like a chain.” Rickey said they have most of the teachers in mind already, they all just need to get their acts together. Another huge contributor to the show, yearbook advisor  Mrs. Carla Harward expresses that she wants “other teachers to know that even though they think that they might not have a talent, anything goes for Teachers Got Talent and it’s just a lot of fun to show a different side to students.”

    Both teachers and students have made it clear that Teachers Got Talent is a fun night filled with laughter and excitement, so come out on February 9th to see a show you won’t want to miss.

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Talented teachers take stage in annual event