Fit, fruity, fresh: Smoothie King is place to go


   Ever craving something sweet and refreshing, but don’t know where to go?  Ever craving something fruity and fresh, but don’t think there’s anything out there for you?  Well – you’re in luck.

   Smoothie King is a great option for satisfying your sweet tooth, and they’re right around the corner. A company headquartered out of New Orleans, Louisiana,  they have over 900 locations across the country. The smoothie bar in Harco is located in Bel Air on Brierhill Drive, right next to Safeway, Italian Sensation, and the Philly Pretzel Factory.  The store is very cozy and cute, and the workers were very nice and approachable.

     The smoothie shop is very diverse and has about 66 different flavors to choose from.  They have a variety of blends, including fitness blends, slim blends, wellness blends, and take a break blends.  They also have stevia-based sweeteners, gluten-free options, dairy-free options, and vegan options.

     The fitness blends are high protein and low carb, while the slim blends are made with less calories and fat.  Wellness blends are used to balance your diet and strengthen your immunity, and take a break blends are made simply for your enjoyment, while still filled with fruits and proteins.

     The smallest size is 20 ounces, which is actually a pretty good amount.  A medium is 32 ounces, and a large is 40 ounces.

     The Peanut Power Plus Chocolate is a smoothie from the Fitness Blend,a nice alternative for those who are health conscientious. The smoothie came out fast and the service was very good.  The mix had chocolate, peanut butter, and banana as the main flavors, with additions of protein powders, fiber blends, and stevia sweetener. All of the flavors blended together really well, and you could taste everything with each sip – one flavor didn’t overpower the others.  

     While it was good,  a fruit smoothie looks equally impressive. Their ingredients looked very fresh, and the Berry Punch smoothie (with strawberries, raspberry sorbet, blueberry juice blend, and electrolyte mix) sounds really good!