Schitt’s Creek comes to end; Awards, nominations honor popular sitcom

Alexa Falls, Reporter

     The Canadian sitcom, Schitt’s Creek has produced six seasons and 80 episodes of comedy television. The show has been streaming for the past five years. The series can be watched on Amazon Prime TV, Netflix, Pop TV and CBC. 

     Created by Eugene and Dan Levy, the show is about a wealthy couple who lose all their money. They are forced to rebuild their lives in Schitt’s Creek, the small town they had purchased for fun. Their two adult children are with them as well, a reunion for the Rose family. 

     Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, Chris Elliot, Jennifer Robertson and Annie Murphy are some of the cast members who act different roles in the sitcom. The show is produced by Not A Real Company Productions, Inc. 

      Sophomore Sierra McManus gave her feedback on the show. Out of all the seasons, she said the first season is her favorite, “it introduces everyone and we really get to know all the characters and see their kind of humor.” McManus added that her favorite character is, “definitely the brother, David. I think his humor is the best and I find him the funniest. He has my kind of humor.”

     Rating the show one through ten, worst to best, McManus said she would give it a nine, “I think there aren’t many shows anymore that are able to crack up an entire family every two minutes white watching it.” She adds, “I have great memories watching this show with friends and family and all have been good.” 

     Schitt’s Creek has a 93 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. IMBd gave the show an eight point four out of ten stars. 94 percent of Google users said they liked the TV show.  

     The legacy of Schitt’s Creek and the cast members have come a long way since January 13, 2015. Earlier this year, Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy both won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress/ Actor in a Comedy Series, according to the Emmy Awards.

     The show won the awards for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series earlier this year. Annie Murphy and Dan Levy both won the Outstanding Supporting Actress/ Actor in a Comedy Series this year as well. 

     Schitt’s Creek was nominated for the Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series award and won three different awards in 2020. These awards were the Outstanding Contemporary Costumes award, Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series award and the Outstanding Directing for a Comedy series award, mentioned on the Emmy Awards.