Euphoria’s new season airing early this month; HBO’s popular series continues with more episodes

Alexa Falls, Reporter

     The popular teen drama streaming on HBO Euphoria has a new season coming out this month. The show was released early last summer on June 16. Viewers can watch the second season on December 6 of this year. 

     Produced by Sam Levinson, Euphoria is about a group of high schoolers and their experience figuring out their lives as young adults. The show is based on a true story, Levison says. He explains how “he sought to make a realistic series based on his own harrowing experiences as a young drug addict,” according to a Hollywood reporter featured on Good Morning America’s website.  

    American actress and singer Zendaya Coleman plays the main character, Rue Bennett, a 17-year-old student. Throughout the season, Bennet goes through many hard aspects of young adulthood, two being drug addiction and love. Hunter Schafer plays Jules Vaughn, another main character in the show. Schafer is a transgender woman, she is also an American model, actress, and activist for LGBTQ+ rights. 

    Known for his roles in the Netflix films The Kissing Booth and The Kissing Booth 2, Jacob Elordi plays his part as Nate Jacobs in Euphoria.  Sydney Sweeny is an American actress on the show, who plays Cassie Howard. Barbie Ferreira who plays Kat Hernandez recently acted in the film Unpregnant which came out in September of this year. Alexa Demie, an American actress and singer plays Maddy Perez. Lastly, American actor Angus Cloud plays Fezco. 

     Sophomore Audrey Letourneau has watched the show and says she loves it. Her favorite character is, “Rue because I love Zendaya and I love Rue’s personality.” She mentions that she has re-watched the show three times since “I make my friends watch it […] I think that everyone should watch it because it is a really good story,” Letourneau suggests. She rates the show a ten out of ten, “because I love the story and characters of the show.” 

    “Nine because overall the videography was interesting, and the storyline was consistent, but some things weren’t as realistic,” sophomore Brynn Hoffman states. Hoffman says that her favorite character is, “definitely Fez (Fezco) because he genuinely cared and was a good friend although he wasn’t perfect.” She says, “I hate rewatching shows […] I would recommend it because it teaches an important lesson.” 

     Sophomore Sierra McManus shares her thoughts on the show. She says her favorite character in the show is, “Rue, although she has many problems she faces every day, she is one of the strongest female characters in any show I’ve ever seen.” McManus adds, “She pushes through and has gotten extremely far in her life regardless of the many challenges she faced.” She rates the show, “a ten out of ten. It got me through a lot of hard times with the character developments and plots. I look forward to the next season.”