New single breaks through UK charts; Singer Wilbur Soot gains 300k subscribers

Victoria Hanna, Reporter

On July 29, 2020, Twitch user “Tommyinnit” live-streamed with user “Wilbur Soot”, real name Will Gold. On this stream, Soot sang his new upcoming song Your new boyfriend. The official music video then premiered December 11, 2020, reaching 7.8 million views a few hours later and laying at the top of Youtube trending.

According to Youtube, on January 8, 2021, the video hit 16 million views. According to Famous Birthdays, Gold is 24 years old, born and raised in England, and he streams on Twitch and is a Youtuber along with producing music in his free time. Gold has 3.34 million subscribers on Youtube and 2 million followers on Twitch.

According to an article written by reporter Adam McDonald, “Your new boyfriend” instantly began trending on Twitter in the United States after release. The single also gained enough popularity to enter the midweek UK Singles Chart, placing 100 on December 14, and is now placing number 65 as of January 8, 2021. It also appeared on the UK Independent Singles Chart, where it peaked at 10, and the UK Independent Singles Breakers Chart, peaking at number 2.

The official music video was uploaded to Youtube the same day the song was released. The video features the main character ‘Lonely Boy’ played by Gold. The video took place in the young adult’s office, the same place where he records and works on Youtube videos along with where he streams on Twitch.

Sophomore Reese Showalter has listened to Gold’s song, “I heard part of the song on TommyInnit’s stream on twitch, where it was first played.” Her first impression of the song was that it was “definitely something Wilbur would sing,” she also adds that she “really liked the song.”

Junior Isabella Silvestri recently listened to the song for the first time, and says her first impression was that she “had no idea that he was so talented,” and she “wasn’t expecting him to be a musical person.” She also adds “I’ve only seen him playing Minecraft and gaming.”

The song was one of many songs Gold has released. His first two songs in the trilogy of ones about being in love with an ‘e-girl’ were “I’m in Love with an E-Girl” and “Internet Ruined Me.” All songs were written and sung by Soot along with him playing the piano, drums, and guitar.

“Your new boyfriend” is about a girl that Gold previously had a crush on for several years, who recently got a new boyfriend named Jared. Throughout this song, Gold expresses his jealousy towards this new boyfriend with the lyrics saying, “Of course I’ve met Jared, the one that took you away from me.”

Some other works that Gold has released are his album titled “Your City Gave Me Asthma” and an extended play titled “Maybe If I Was Boring” along with many other singles.