Sophomore Mia Coleman had scare in Belize

VICTORIA HANNA, Studio Manager

“While there, my family and I were going to do some excursions but there was a little incident where we got lost in the jungle. What had happened was that our original tour guild wasn’t feeling well so his dad took us on the tour. The first thing his dad said to us was that we weren’t going to see anything while we were there. It was a monkey tour, so we thought we were going to see monkeys and he just told us that it was too late. We walked for like two miles through the jungle without seeing anything and he did not care where we were and was ahead of us by a lot. The only way we knew where to go was the occasional ding of a machete against a tree trying to get the monkeys to come out. Eventually, we got lost and were standing in an open area waiting for our tour guild and yelling for him because we were so unsure about everything, and we could tell there were animals and things around us. We kept hearing the ding of the machete and he finally comes around the bamboo and asked if we were coming. We got back on the boat and went back to the place we were before to get food and such, but we didn’t trust it enough to eat there. When we got back to where we were staying, we decided to spend the rest of the trip around the pool relaxing.”