Good for Gut: Can you stomach it?

Lizzie Catrambone  , IDR Editor    

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In today’s day and age, there are many foods and drinks available to ingest that aren’t necessarily healthy.  Things like deep fried food, food with loads of sugar and carbs and tons of fat are detrimental to your body and gut health.  There are, however, many healthy foods that are good for overall health and gut health.

    Starting off with what foods are bad, the main item on that list is fried food.  Many may think, “well if it’s a fried green bean or even fried chicken, I am still eating vegetables and protein.”  That thinking, however, is very wrong. It turns out, that frying food adds many unwanted fats and calories to the food and destroys all of the good nutrients in the food being fried.

So while individuals are eating what they think are  healthy foods, they are actually injecting empty carbs, and too many carbs can be a very bad thing.  Also, fried food is extremely hard for the gut to break down and digest properly, and because of this it remains in the kidneys, liver, intestines, prostate and colon for extended periods of time.

    In contrast to the unhealthy food, there are many foods that are good to eat and improve gut health.  Though it may be surprising and slightly gross, apple cider vinegar is extremely healthy to ingest. Apple cider vinegar helps produce HCL in your stomach acids to break down carbs, fats and proteins, and aids in relieving acid reflux.  Kombucha is another great item to drink. This drink is probiotic packed, because the tea is fermented with healthy bacteria that aids in gut health.

    There are other good things to eat other than drinks, though.  Sauerkraut is very good for gut health. Sauerkraut is a naturally fermented food that contains a bacteria that washes out all the bad bacteria from the gut and lets the good bacteria flourish.  Mangoes also have that same type of benefit as sauerkraut, they allow the good bacteria in the gut to grow and aid in controlling blood sugar and in weight loss. The last food that great for gut health is wild salmon.  Salmon is a great source of Omega-3 and is great for reducing an inflamed gut and aids in preventing another inflamed gut episode.


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Good for Gut: Can you stomach it?