If healthy foods are actually healthy

ALISON GRAFTON, Health and Science Editor

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Photo credits: Elizabeth Rider

Granola seems healthy but the serving sizes are very small, so people normally eat more than the suggested amount. Furthermore, many people normally combine their granola with yogurt and milk, which can add even more calories. This can double the intake of sugar added and carbs.

NutriGrain Bars by Kelloggs seem like a healthy snack or breakfast, with the title making it seem as though full of whole grains, however, they are packed full of sugar and corn syrup.

Protein is a great food to eat before a workout, but be sure to watch which ones you pick up. Power Bar Protein Plus Chocolate Brownie, which has 27 grams of sugar! It may prep you with protein, but with all the sugar, you should swap it for a more healthy protein alternative.

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If healthy foods are actually healthy