American industry, advanced technology, additive manufacturing featured in new plant



SSC Editor

    In July, plans for a state of the art 3D printing and manufacturing lab were announced by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS). The industrial additive lab will be in the former University Center building, and will employ leading engineers. The new facility will be called Advanced Manufacturing Materials and Processes Consortium (AMMP) and $15 million in federal funding was collected by Sen. Chris Van Hollen. The project is said to have “bipartisan support from around the country,” by Van Hollen.

    The official announcement was released on October 26, and the program has been awarded eight projects so far.

    The AMMP is the first of its kind in Maryland, and will be in the old University Center building. NCMS president Rick Jarman said he believed “Aberdeen is the place where these vital innovation ingredients come together and are key to the new industrial revolution.” Creation of the lab is secured in 2018 spending bills.

    This lab will encourage the creation of new technologies as well as promote American manufacturing which is the “backbone” of our economy according to Van Hollen.  Ability to 3D print in this lab can dramatically change the way we make things and create new jobs in manufacturing in Maryland and other labs in the country.

      NH FOT teacher Brian Dougherty said the lab is at “a great location” and is coming at a crucial time where “3D technology is advancing so quickly and has been an intrical part of design and development for many products.”

     Employment in this lab will be derived from the abundance of “talent in the local community” states Jarman. The number of people who will work is undetermined but will be released as they plan to open in upcoming months. Partnership with local businesses and universities is also a priority of the lab, in attempt to help the local economy.