Benefit of activity outside outweighs focus on tech

Ellie Evans, Reporter

Living in a technology rich society, children of the newest generation seem to gravitate towards video games, virtual communication, and tablets to have fun. While the option of playing outside is being abandoned by most children, science still proves that it is very much the most beneficial way for kids to have fun and interact outside of their homes.

    According the, American children spend four to seven minutes daily outside compared to nearly four to seven hours in front of a screen. Junior Isabella Messick adds, “kids must appreciate the world around them at a young age to avoid being glued to technology.” Sanford also explains that social interaction is most vital to proper social and cognitive development for children.

 Research continues to indicate that playing and interacting with other children outside can have many benefits. These benefits include the surplus of physical activity that lowers the risk of heart disease and other diseases caused by lack of exercise, starting these habits early-on encourages children to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

    According to the Harvard Health Blog, spending time outdoors encourages children to develop important life skills, being around other kids they tend to expand their creativity, problem solve, and learning to build confidence in taking risks. Expanding on this, Senior Dalton Battaglia added, “being inside restricts kids from doing important things, and most children don’t take exercise as seriously inside.”  

        Not only are there various psychological and social perks to children playing outside but there are also lots of health benefits. According to research done by North Carolina University, Since playing outside comes with direct sunlight, this provides a vitamin D boost that can strengthen bones and the immune system. Building up the immune system causes children to get sick less which is an overall benefit being surrounded by other kids in germ-filled environments.