Alumna shares her story; high school experiences inspire passion for science

Erica Otte, Reporter

 An alumna of North Harford High School, Cari Biscoe is currently a Program Supervisor of the Land and Water Division for the Harford County Health Department as a Licensed Environmental Specialist. She works for the state government to protect state groundwaters from contamination and hazardous pollution; Laws enforced Code of Maryland Regulation protect these waters. 

   These laws must be maintained by the county and state government workers, such as Cari Biscoe. “For example, when a new home is proposed outside the public utilities then a well must be drilled for a potable source.  As a reviewer [she makes] sure the location meets all the setbacks and the licensed Maryland well driller drills the well to compliance following CoMAR laws (The Code of Maryland Regulations; all Maryland administrative regulations). Lastly, after the water supply is connected to the home then it is sampled to satisfy it is a potable water supply for consumption.”

    Her average workday consists of “communicating with employees about their daily schedules and routine inspections with licensed septic installers and well drillers”. Along with communication, Cari also “demonstrate[s] structure within the CoMAR regulation and oversee[s that] they are followed by the licensed installers as well as being available to Harford County citizens for questions.” Citizens may call her office to look up their property’s well and septic information with records dating back to 1950. 

    Since the Land and Water Division is a part of the Health Department Cari, “had to take action when the Covid-19 pandemic hit because [Cari’s] office is considered a major hub for the health of the citizens within Harford County and ensures that the citizens are protected based on the Governor’s statements and course of actions.  Our Health Divisions make sure these enforced actions are maintained and keep the citizens safe based on the CDC guidelines and Gov. Hogan’s guidance [..] The Harford County Health Department has a big role in Covid-19 as far as keeping track of cases, obtaining medical supplies for protection to citizens and medical professionals, keeping up to date on when vaccines are available, and ensuring the citizens are informed about the latest updates on Covid-19”.

    Reflecting on her high school experience, she added that  her “high school teachers and classes made it clear that [her] interest was science and biology.” “Environmental Science with Mr. Pool was an eye-opener [for her]”, however, she only took the classes without being in the magnet program. So, “when [she] joined the Envirothon program, the doors opened to even more of the environmental world.  Therefore, [she] decided to seek a college with these bases.  As a senior, [she] was also an Environmental Science recipient and received a 1,000 dollars scholarship to my college career.”

    Her advice to current North Harford students and graduates would be to “enjoy your time now, live your loves and keep your head up.  Embrace your peers as they mold your ways to who you are going to become in life. And lastly be yourself and show your true colors.”

Cari Biscoe and her coworkers fix a septic system for the Harford County Health Department.

(Source: Cari Biscoe)