New faculty on deck

Kailey Jourdan, Reporter

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Ms.Megan Lewis

Monday Motivation: Seeing students grow and change over time

Hometown: Bel Air, Maryland

Student Pet Peeve: Students who do not meet the behavioral expectations they are given

Catchphrase: “I’m not sure, you’ll have to ask the students”

Favorite Food: Fruits and vegetables

Teaching Veteran?: Taught at Edgewood High

Freakiest Food Consumed: “I’m pretty bland, I don’t like to try a lot of things”


Mr. Weston Jordan

Monday Motivation: “The opportunity to educate and impress people and coffee!”

Hometown: Churchville, Maryland

Catchphrase: “Are you smellin’ what I’m steppin’ in?”

Student Pet Peeve: Students who chew with their mouths open

Bachelor Degrees:  

Science and Electrical Engineering  

-Science and Math

Teaching Experience: First Full Year

Favorite Food: Seafood

Freakiest Food Consumed: Fresh kangaroo tongue

Mrs. Joyce Walker

Monday Motivation: “The adventure of the week with the kids”

Hometown: Parsippany, New Jersey

Catchphrase: “Dream big”

Student Pet Peeve: Students who are unorganized  

Dual Major: Special Education and Elementary Education

Teaching Experience: 34th year  

Favorite Food: Anything Italian  

Freakiest Food Consumed: Escargot  

Mrs. Kristen Harrell

Monday Motivation: “The coffee gets me going; I have to have coffee every single day.”

Hometown: North Harford

Catchphrase: “Okie dokie!”

Student Pet Peeve: Students who speak while she’s speaking

Major: Secondary Education Mathematics

Teaching Experience: Used to teach at Edgewood High School

Favorite Food: Nachos

Freakiest Food Consumed: “I don’t like weird food.  

It grosses me out!”

Mr. John Wojciechowski

Monday Motivation: “I look forward to weeks we have football games because I’m, always thinking about what our next performance is.”   

Hometown: Bel Air, Maryland

Catch Phrase: “Capiche?”  “Have fun!”

Student Pet Peeve: Students who chew gum in the band room

Major: Music Education

Teaching Experience: 6 years at Edgewood High School

Favorite Food: “All! I’m a pretty big foodie”

Freakiest Food Consumed: Squid Ink Pasta

Mrs. Beth Martin

Monday Motivation: “Getting to know my students better”

Hometown: Pylesville, Maryland

Catch Phrase: “Everything happens for a reason”

Student Pet Peeve: Students who do not push in their chairs

Major: Animal Science

Teaching Experience: 8 years at Havre de Grace

Favorite Food: Sushi

Freakiest Food Consumed: Kangaroo

Mr. Bill Wardell

Monday Motivation: Gets to spend time with two of his children

Hometown: Washington, DC

Catchphrase: “Without struggle there can be no progress”

Student Pet Peeve: Students who are not willing to work

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Secondary Education Mathematics

Teaching Veteran: Taught at Aberdeen middle/high school for 21 years

Favorite Food: “There’s so much good food out there I couldn’t pick just one”

Freakiest Food Consumed: Pig head tamales


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New faculty on deck