Annual fall event made comeback; Kickstart to the fall season


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The annual North Harford Harvest Party once again drew a crowd, with seniors and teachers collaborating with each other to make the event come together as planned, and be as ‘spooktacular’ as the previous years.
The fall party is well known for its, ‘haunted hallway’ and other party-related events like ‘sponge toss’, pumpkin painting, face painting, and bowling. Mr. Scott Larbalestrier, a senior class advisor also added, “Every year students create new games for the little kids. Zombie football was a good new one.”
This year’s event took place on Tuesday, October 30 in the Hawks cafeteria. The party opened its doors at 5pm and ran until 7pm.
The activities were all coordinated by the upper class students and senior class advisors. The senior class advisor also added about the preparation steps the seniors took for the event, adding “some did weeks of preparation, but most arrived early for the event to set up.”
The event is advertised as a community event and all feeder schools advertise the event to their students, many teachers of North Harford HS brought their own young ones along to experience.
Mr. Benjamin Scarborough added, “They[the high schoolers] did such a great job with the little ones that other parents were singing their praises, and my own kids are excited to come back next year!”
Foreign language teacher Mrs. Carrie Rosales also attended the Harvest Party with her son, Luca and said for him, “knock down the cans’ was Luca’s favorite!” There was also no specific order of the activities so, “children could participate in the activities as they wished,” commented Rosales.
According to Larbalestrier, “30 seniors participated” and this was “one of the best turnouts in many years.” Rosales also added, “I have been in two previous years, and I don’t think that the event has ever been so well attended.”
The annual fall party has something new to offer to its attendees each year and according to those participating that helps in getting students, teachers, and families involved in the event.
Now that the party has passed, many teachers who have attended are looking back on the occasion. Scarborough remarked, “It was an awesome event! I was really impressed with this year’s seniors.”

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