Church retreats establishing bonds in community

OLIVIA BECKER, Sports Editor

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North Harford students play sports, perform in musicals and take part in many other extracurricular activities. And many students are active with organizations and groups outside of school, including church communities.
Often students involved in church groups participate in retreats. Senior Sara Shuck recently went on her fall retreat with Mountain Christian Church. They went to North Bay and Shuck said it was her seventh year attending and she says that her favorite part about going on retreats is “connecting with my[Sara’s] small group and getting to know other people from her[Sara’s] church.”
Making these connections does not end on the retreat, though. Shuck says they have regular small group every week where they do a bible study. She added that they had small groups, where they discussed they also hang out and plan fun activities together. Overall, Shuck says that the retreats she goes on gives her a better relationship with those around her. “They have deepened my[Sara’s] faith and made me closer to god,” said the senior.
Another senior, Sam Fielder, says she has learned a lot about religion when on retreats. Fielder is a member of Bethel Presbyterian church and she has gone on retreats in both Ocean City and Virginia. On the retreat in Virginia, the senior says she learned lessons about the lesson. She says that Esther, an orphan who grew up to be a courageous queen, saving Israel from annihilation, according to the bible. They talked about leadership and how Esther can be related to the world today. She adds there were other fun activities, including games and making smores, but most importantly she says that her experiences on retreats has made her much more passionate about her religion.
Sophomore, Lily Macatee, agrees with both seniors. She is a member of Bel Air United Methodist church and she says that along with connecting to God she has the opportunity to bond with other young members of her church. Macatee says that she has even had the chance to go on a mission trip with her group, furthering her faith even more.

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Church retreats establishing bonds in community