Special educator spreads message to be kind to everyone

MADISON ZDON, Sports Editor

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Jordyn is 17-year-old girl who designed a shirt that said “be kind to everyone”. What began as a summer project quickly grew to epic proportions with the shirt and the message spreading across the US.
NH special educator Mrs. Linda Black heard about Jordyn’s story on Facebook and had to help and find out more.
Black said she learned Jordyn’s parents were worried about her future, so they helped her start a website to sell the t-shirts to spread her important message. They believed that learning job skills such as sending orders out and filling orders that came in were important skills for Jordyn to learn.
Jordyn’s goal was to sell a shirt in every state, a goal she exceeded. With just her and her friend Sarah, the young teens package and send out each shirt with a note that expressed gratitude for those purchasing the shirt and supporting an important message.
Black felt so passionate about Jordyn and autistic teens in the workplace because she believes there are so many people who think their options are limited. However, Black explained, “no matter what the disability, with opportunity a job can get done.” The special educator said she has always had a great understanding and confidence in autistic children. “Most people when they think of autism think of someone deformed or crippled but it actually means they prefer being in their own space, they can learn just like anyone else when given the chance,’’ said Black.
The employment field for people with autism is varied. While Jordyn began her tee-shirt business with the help of her parents, many autistic people work in libraries, restaurants, and other employment experiences. Black said, “They[those with autism] do not want to be seen as anything different, they just want to be accepted for who and what they are; they same as us.”
If interested in supporting this cause go to bekindtoeveryone.com where you can purchase the original shirts with also the limited edition Christmas tee.

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