Counseling opportunities opens for an experience

Madison Zdon, Sports Editor

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     At Harford Glen, high school student volunteers from across Harford County have the opportunity to work in a hands on environment with students from various elementary schools.  

     In fifth grade students are able to attend Harford Glen, an environmental center that focuses on environment education experiences during a three day experience.

      Many students from NH have found the experience of being a counselor very engaging.  Senior Rachel Ewers said, “I loved my experience in fifth grade and I loved my counselors so I was so excited to the be able to become one in high school.” Ewers also stated that her favorite part about going back each year is “not only interacting with kids from all over the county with different backgrounds but interacting with the teachers and friends I’ve made.”

   Junior Cameron LaPlante wanted to be apart of Harford Glen when he “wanted to give back to the community.” He also said, “in fifth grade I remember having so much fun that I wanted to go back.” LaPlante also said, “I learned about the experiences dealing with kids and how I can teach them.”

    Junior Rachel Freeland said her favorite part of going to Harford Glen was “the relationships and bonds I made with kids there.” She also stated she “wanted to help serve her community.” Freeland also stated “in fifth grade, I had great memories there but I made better ones going back.”