Foreign National Honors Society inductions to take place in May

Madison Zdon, Sports Editor

This year French, Spanish, and German will host their National Honors Society inductions together on May 17 during school hours in the auditorium. This will be the first time the inductions have been done this way.

  French will be inducting members like junior Lauren Taber who said, “I’m very excited to be inducted after my hard work in French this year.” French teacher Madame Larissa Arist “to be invited to be a part of the National French Honors Society required students to sustain an A all year…” Junior Cameron LaPlante added this change is helpful for the teachers and students by making it during the school day.”

  Spanish teacher teacher Mrs. Lori Rake runs the spanish department side of it and students commented on format of inductions this year.  Junior Brynn Schaedel commenting saying “it will be easier for everyone during school hours because after school was not working for me and many people.”

Junior Lexy Smith agrees.  She thinks it’s easier to have it in the morning because “ I’m busy after school and I know lots of other people are too so this will work well for all.” and Junior Rachel Freeland also not minding the change and thinking “its for the best for some people who couldn’t make it after school.” Junior Emily Worden whos also being inducted stated that “I’m honored to be inducted” Worden went on to say that she’s not really bothered with what time the ceremony is at but is glad about the change that its in the morning.

     German teacher Herr Russell Blake added the induction of German students will be in the morning with the” juniors being inducted and seniors receiving their cords.” Junior Brennan Stewart, added “the morning will work better for everyone because people are busy and friday morning is the best time.”