Student’s academic achievements recognized at NHS induction and the Academics awards ceremonies.

Victoria Hanna, Reporter


     In the following weeks there have been two events recognizing student’s academic achievements, the National Honors Society induction ceremony and the Academic awards ceremony.

     The NHS induction ceremony took place on the 6th of November, about 200 people attended this year according to Peddicord. He feels as though there is a smaller group this year compared to other years because they have to do a series of things to be considered such as having “20 hours of community service if they’re a junior or 30 hours if they’re a senior,” and “they have to request a recommendation from a teacher.” 

     However, this process is actually “less work than it used to be,” in following years students would have to “write an essay,” says Peddicord. This year, 42 students were chosen to be a part of the national honors society, making for a grand total of 85 juniors and seniors. 

     The National Honors Society gives back to their community in many ways, one way is holding a “gift wrapping event around Christmas,” as well as holding a “tutoring session once a week every Wednesday,” according to Peddicord.

     During the ceremony multiple people spoke including Mark Boegner (NHS president), Mill Heinze, Jason Ramsland (vice president), Sydney Altman, and Pawlicki. They spoke about “what it takes to get into the club,” as well as the needed “information about service hours.” The last thing that was mainly talked about, according to Peddicord, was “the four pillars.” The four pillars are academics, service to the community, leadership skills, and the demonstration of good character. “During the ceremony we really focus on those four pillars as well as celebrating the achievement students have made to get to that point.”

    On November 7 over half of students in 10th 11th and 12th grade attending North Harford were awarded for their above average grades in the following year(s). According to SGA president Ryan Blosser, the ceremony went “great,” and he was happy to see “so many students there.” The Academic Awards Ceremony is hosted by the SGA,” and they “were the ones who gave out the awards” along with paying for “the refreshments and academic letters and promoting and sponsoring it,”  according to Blosser. 

     Even though the SGA takes most of the credit to putting together the event, Blosser says that the ceremony would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the main office and the staff there. “The secretaries did so much to help us go through the awards and get everything organized,” the SGA member said.  He added that Mr. Pawlicki was supportive of students, and “although the SGA promoted the awards, without their help we wouldn’t have been able to do it.