Quarantine impacts mental health

KENDALL SCHUBERT, Business Manager

With the stay at home order in place, people are cooped up in their homes with only so
much to do. So how does going from seeing friends every day to being alone all the time
affect someone's mental health?
Families are staying home and away from others to help keep the spread of coronavirus
down. This means no going out to see friends, going to your favorite hangout spot, or
anything social, which are the “types of things help people keep spirits high,” according to
junior Jamie Bagrosky.
According to Newswise “isolation may cause loneliness, fear or anxiety.” Dayton Daily
News reported “during this period of social distancing, others who are already dealing with
mental illness and addiction could spiral while some develop addictions.”
Bagrosky believes this limited access to things and people “can take a toll on people who
struggle at home or sit in their rooms by themselves drowning in their own thoughts.”
Sophomore Lexi Gainey says, “I just start thinking a lot and over thinking when I have so
much time on my hands.”
Junior Caroline Ulmer participates in track as a thrower in the spring. She says, “track is
such a great environment and it’s one of the things I look forward to during school,” now
with school being out and sports being cancelled Ulmer “is sad that [she] won’t have this
last season with [her] senior friends.”
Jacob Kunze, member of class of 2020, states “it’s disappointing seeing everything we’ve
looked forward to since we were kids be ripped away like this.” He along with many seniors
is sad to see that their senior year won’t turn out the way they always thought it would.
Psychologists suggest that puzzles, reading, or games are ways to keep the mind working
during quarantine. Talking to friends and family via video chat or phone calls can “help
keep your spirits up,” says junior Benjamin Ewers. He says keeping in touch with friends
reminds him that he isn’t alone when it comes to missing his friends, and he adds,
“everyone is in the same boat.”