Music, FACS teachers leaving NH at conclusion of academic year


    At the end of almost every school year, there are teachers who move on to new horizons. This year, both Mrs. Angie Jones and Mrs. Judith Knisley will be leaving North Harford High School to pursue the next chapter in their lives.

    Knisley says there is so much she will miss about North Harford High School. She says she will especially miss the daily interactions with her students and “figuring out the best way to tackle any obstacles to learning.”

     After 42 years in education, Knisley plans on spending her retirement visiting family members more often, traveling, sewing, playing the piano, gardening, walking new trails, and entertaining.   

      Knisley also has plans to travel to Alaska in July, London in December, and the Isle of Lewis next Spring.

     As she reflects on her teaching career, she shared that she “loved building relationships with my students the most.” She believes teaching is an awesome career and wouldn’t have been as happy in any other profession.

      Her favorite memories while teaching at North Harford High School relate to experiencing the changes over the decades. “I enjoy remembering the past and comparing it to the present,” says Knisley. 

     In addition, she will not forget teaching during the renovations of 1981 and 2005.  Knisley explained, “I taught classes in every imaginable location.  During the 1981 renovation, my foods classes were in many different places including a classroom at the middle school,  a science laboratory classroom, and on the stage in the auditorium.” 

     Over the years she has taught 17 different subjects, coached 3 sports, and was the advisor of 4 different student organizations.  

     “To me,” she says, “it did not matter what subject, sport, or club I led. I was happy doing whatever the administration asked because I loved the feeling I received from the students I worked with.”

     Another teacher leaving North Harford High School is chorus instructor Angie Jones. Next year, she will be the choral teacher at Aberdeen High School. 

  Jones says she will really miss her choir kids, of course. She loves NHHS traditions such as tractor day, our barns and animals, and doing the school musical. In addition, she enjoys North Harford’s Earth Day celebration. Jones grew up in Susquehanna State Park and “was always an outdoorsy person so I love the AG heritage at NH.”

     In addition, Jones said she loved making music with her students and “seeing my students grow to be amazing young adults.” She shared, “I loved the fact that I got to keep them for 4 years.”  Jones revealed that it’s hard for her to describe the special feeling she had being in her classroom with her students.

     Over the years, teaching choir at North Harford High School has made so many important moments in her life. “I learned so much in that classroom over the years and it really feels like home to me,” Jones explains. She will miss being returning to her classroom in the fall.

     Former student junior Conor O’Callaghan feels Jones is one of the hardest workers he has ever met. Jones taught O’Callaghan for 3 years, as he is an active member of Harmonics, Men’s Choir, and Chamber Choir. Over the last few years, the student explains that Mrs. Jones taught him “you can do anything you set your mind to, and she really proved it.”

     Sophomore Gabby Spencer, another former student of Jones, adds the large impact she’s had on all of her students. Spencer adds that Jones was more than a teacher, she was a leader and a friend. “I will continue to use what I’ve learned from her everyday in my life,” states Spencer. 

     “I loved the great musical team I was able to be a part of at NH,” says Jones. She continues, “We produced some amazing shows with our talented students and staff to support them.”