Donuts, coffee perking up; Potential Dunkin’ planned for Jarrettsville

The vacant building once occupied by a bank. Dunkin’ Donuts potentially being moved in.

Jennifer Chandler

The vacant building once occupied by a bank. Dunkin’ Donuts potentially being moved in.

KENDALL SCHUBERT, Business Manager

     ‘America runs on Dunkin’ and now it’s in the works that Jarrettsville will be running on Dunkin sometime in the coming months. News of this addition to the community has received mixed emotions from those all over the area.  

     Sources announced that a new Dunkin’ Donuts would be put into the vacant building of a former bank on Norrisville Road, Jarrettsville, MD.  

      Comments on the Jarrettsville Community page suggest a split about the possibility of a new Dunkin’. Some comments said, “bring it in” and “I’m tired of driving to New Freedom and Bel Air” while others were saying “there will be traffic issues” and “DD sucks, put something else there.” 

      The people of Jarrettsville and its neighboring towns do have a say in the matter by joining in the discussions of what may be happening and express their opinions and questions as decision makers wrestle with the issue.  

    Junior Lexi Gainey says, “I think it’s a great idea for some of the locals that may not want to travel into the more populated areas. The place they are locating it is a more popular place for business and it will be a lot easier for them to go to that one vs being stuck in traffic to get to the other one in different locations such as Forest Hill or Bel Air.” 

    The building and land would be leased out by Keene Dodge who owns the site where the new business would go.  The potential Dunkin’ will be located just up the road from Jarrettsville Creamery, which doesn’t sell coffee, the Jarrettsville Grille, a small restaurant, and other small businesses. 

   Senior Jamie Bagrosky said, “I’m a big coffee person, I drink it every day. My  mom lives right by the one in Forest Hill and I always get it when I’m staying with her. My dad lives here in Jarrettsville so getting a Dunkin’ that is five minutes away will be great.” 

    The location is in a spot where there aren’t many high demand businesses or franchises. The closest Dunkin’ to Jarrettsville is in Forest Hill, about 15 minutes away from where the new one could be placed.