NHHS Alumnus advocates for students’ continued schooling

What it is like working for college admissions

Erica Otte, Reporter

  In college, Jeffery Green was hired to work at Towson University admissions to advocate students’ continued learning. This job was called being a student ambassador and as a student ambassador, he and the rest of his team would present then share their personal experiences along with other helpful information needed to enter college. 

    An average workday “consisted of first meeting and greeting all the visiting families or schools.” The presentation included “the university and the enrollment process.” Afterwards, he gives the possible future Towson University students and their families a tour around the campus while discussing the different locations. 

    In his opinion, the most important thing about public speaking for this job is “sounding really confident in how you relay your information.” Green believes “that eliminating phrases, such as ‘um’ and ‘like’ also makes you sound more professional in your position.” 

    In doing this, Green wanted to be able to “inspire others to further their education by attending college.” This job had many opportunities and lessons to learn, not only for the students, but the workers, also. 

    Out of the many lessons he was able to take away from this experience, “one of the greatest lessons [he] took from working at Towson is: when you’re in a field where you interact with others, a simple smile or greeting to someone could make their day.”

    Green is very patient and mindful of others and has to be when communicating with people for a job, so he keeps in mind that “you never know what others have gone through or that they could’ve been having a bad day/week and that one gesture goes a long way.”

    This former college student “truly enjoyed working as a student ambassador at Towson University and having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.” He also hopes “to continue this line of work as an Admissions Counselor.”

   As a 2010 NH graduate, he has some helpful advice and tips for current NH students, especially those about to graduate and go off to college or, even, those students that just started college. 

    His “biggest advice coming into college is to stay organized because those due dates come fast. It’s better to spread the work out then try to cram it all in one night.” In addition, he suggests “building relationships with your professors because they will support and help you in so many different ways,” such as “being a potential job reference when searching for jobs.”

    While he is currently working in landscaping, he is applying to be a Towson University Student Ambassador again soon because he enjoyed working to inspire possible future college students to further their educations.

Jeffery and his co-workers right before an open house event.
(Source: Jeffery Green)