Northern Harford County formal event sponsored by parents brings students together for an end of the year dance

Erica Otte, Reporter

    To compensate for the lack of dances over the past two school years, parents separate from the PTA/ PTSA created a new event for both seniors and juniors to enjoy with a different day for each grade. This event included various amenities for the students to enjoy while there. In addition, students, while many were vaccinated, did not follow any COVID-19 protocols.

    One student, Andy Hartlove, is a junior who earned the title of “King” at the Junior event. “I’ve only been to a couple dances in my career, but this one in particular was quite different considering the fact it was held on a farm in the middle of nowhere, instead of in the actual school, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was actually a pleasant change of scenery, but it was definitely different from what it’s supposed to be if that makes sense, ” Hartlove comments. 

    At the event, “there was soda and water. The food was also pretty good : there was pasta, salads, sandwiches, and meatballs,” Ewers states. Hartlove adds that the food and drinks were “very tasty.”

   When asked if there was anything to be changed, both Hartlove and Ben Ewers, NHHS Senior crowned “King” at the Senior dance, agreed that there was nothing to change since they genuinely had a good time. Even if it was slow at first, their friends made it an enjoyable experience. Over the past year or so, it has been difficult for people to get together with friends, so this night provided a sense of relief for those that have been lacking in their social lives, but even if it didn’t do that for some students, it gave students a fun night out- which is important for mental health.

   The evening was “slow at first but as the evening went on it got more and more exciting and, for me at least, when they named King and Queen it changed significantly and made it a lot more fun,” Hartlove adds. While there was little décor, there was plenty of space for all the guests, so Hartlove said “for what little décor there was, it made up in making the dance good looking, like a less is more kind of thing.”

    Being named King also made it an entirely unique experience for both of these students. “I wasn’t really expecting it to happen, in actuality my buddies and I were joking about if it were to happen. And it turned out to actually be true, but still even if I wasn’t King it wouldn’t change the experience I had that night. Most of my good friends were there and that alone made it awesome,” Hartlove comments. Similarly, Ewers says “Being crowned King and seeing all my friends cheer for me made the night so much better!”

Andy Hartlove and his friend Gavin Lewis after the announcement for King and Queen was made.
Credit: Andy Hartlove