Black Student Union has created sanctuary for students at North Harford High School


Yoyin Ogunyemi

Members of the Black Student Union participated in group activities while they enjoyed snacks and refreshments. Around 20 students attended the first meeting to celebrate African American culture and to meet fellow students.

Caroline Barquin, Reporter

   Recently The Black Student Union was made to create a safe space for the minorities who attend North Harford High School. According to the International Baccalaureate of North America, the student body at NH is 91.7% Caucasian.

     Junior TJ Femi-Falodun is the president and founder of the Black Student Union (BSU),  and she said she created this group to make “a safe space for black students, somewhere they can fully feel comfortable. If a student has a problem or issue that’s bothering them that a teacher or counselor may not understand, they can come to us.”

     Yoyin Ogunyemi, the second president of the club adds,” the goal is to make a comfortable space for all black students at North Harford because there is an extreme lack of diversity and want everyone to have a place to go if they need help.”

     Some upcoming plans for the club include visiting Morgan State University, a historically black college in Baltimore, Maryland. The group is planning to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. as well.

     Having a BSU at North Harford is incredibly important according to Femi-Falodun. “We want more black students to be comfortable and open about coming to this school.” She added that there were a lot of people who told her before applying to this school, “that they wouldn’t apply because they didn’t want to feel racially marginalized.” The  organization  wants to change this by having the BSU create a positive presence here.

      “Students should feel comfortable at school and by creating the BSU now there is the hope that students will be more comfortable and make friends who understand them.” Ogunyemi explains.

      The club does this by organizing field trips, activities, fundraisers, study groups, help for homework and tests, SAT study groups, and by encouraging black students to attend North Harford. The meetings are typically held on Friday Hawk Soar days during the second lunch in D300.

     “Allies are welcome to the Black Student Union, all people despite their race, ethnicity, culture, gender, or sexual identity are invited to join us.” Femi-Falodun explained. They would love to have anyone be a part of their community and learn about black culture. To be updated about club meetings and other activities join the remind @nhhsbsu or follow the Instagram page @nhhs_.bsu.

     Femi-Faldon wants students to take away that “we are not here to start anything, we are not here to protest, riot, or condemn racists. This is a place to celebrate black culture and to help the school in our own way.” Ogunyemi adds “everyone is accepted here; we all are just trying to make the school a more diverse place for students. As well as the kids who are interested in the magnet program but are afraid to come here because of the lack of diversity.