Chess club begins monthly meetings; Beginners welcome to take on new opponents


Chloe Ward, Reporter

     With each passing year, North Harford’s resume of clubs grows, with this year being no exception. As clubs make their comeback, a new competitor rises: The Chess Club. 

     It all began in quarantine over Discord, a social media app. The club is led by presidents senior Solomon Brundridge, and senior Alex Lavitz, along with teacher advisor Benjamin Scarborough.       

     Club President Brundridge explains that there are two different types of meetings held by the club: Fridays during 2nd and 3rd lunch in room D308, when they will typically practice club activities. However, there are also after school meetings held during the third week of every month.

     During this time, beginners will be given tips and tricks on how to play, and be able to learn in a relaxed environment. Those who already know how to play either practice or compete in miniature tournaments after school.

     Club member senior Tessa Skrocki has been there since the beginning, after Brundridge told her to join. She admitted she did not know how or if it was going to work virtually, but by using online chess club apps, they could begin practicing. She describes a typical meeting as “just finding a partner and playing them in a chill game of chess.”

     After joining, she realized how beneficial playing chess can be for her and her peers. “Chess is a very intelligent game, and it’s honestly sort of dying,” Skrocki says, “also, it’s good to get teenagers off their phone and do something that requires so much thinking, like chess.”  

     The president plans on organizing tournaments and other events with the club. This includes competing with a Chess team from another school, but “it is still under the works,” so stay tuned!

     Both Skrocki and Brudridge highly recommend people to join, even if they hardly know the game. New members during after school meetings are provided a PowerPoint presentation to teach them. Along with trying something new, it is also an opportunity to learn and meet people, as well as being “a place to relax from the stress of school,” according to Brundridge. “If you don’t really have anything going on, please join us in on the fun! You never know what could be awaiting.”