Yearbook staff working hard to produce new edition; Bold, bright, theme showcases diverse audience

Alexa Falls, Entertainment Editor

     The yearbook staff at North Harford is planning something bold for the next yearbook. They are working hard to produce their new book along with the challenges they face. 

     Senior Jessica Dudok says, “we’re doing a whole neon theme called ‘Bold, Bright Beginnings.’” She explains, “bold is our events section, bright is our academics [section], and beginnings is about starting sports back up, new clubs, and things like that.” Dudok adds, “a lot of our ideas are coming together, and the cover looks amazing.” 

     Senior Patrick Barker says, “one of the things that I love about taking this class is like you get to learn so much about the school.” He mentions, “you get to learn things about what goes on in school that you probably wouldn’t know before if you didn’t take this class.” Barker comments, “it’s a really easy class, easy grade, and I do like working with everyone. It’s one of the classes that doesn’t make me want to rip my hair out.” Senior Madison Quick adds, “We’re like a little family of ants.” 

     Junior Isabella Southard agrees, “it’s an easy class and it’s not hard to take. It’s fun to take pictures and interview people and design stuff too.”  Even with these pros, the staff still struggles, “getting pictures is a struggle, especially with COVID, also how small our group is,” Southard mentions. She adds, “everyone has a lot of stuff to do and with so few people [on staff], we’ve had a hard time.” Barker says, “we really need underclassmen to pitch in.” 

     The students plan to recruit students to join staff as well. Southard says that she will continue to be a part of the staff during her senior year and adds, “I know a lot of people that are interested [in joining yearbook] because they didn’t even know that they could take the class.”   

     Yearbook advisor Carla Harward says, “[having more people on staff] would definitely be advantageous for us.” She mentions, “I’ve never had this small of a staff, but I have to tell you they are working, and they want to do a great book.” This is Harward’s seventh or eighth year as North Harford’s yearbook advisor.  

     She comments, “I’ve always been proud of the books that we have produced because we work hard and it’s a reflection of our school […] you want it to be the overview of as many people as you can that engage in our school.” Harward explains, “not just the athletes, not just the musical people, not just the art people, but everybody.” She adds, “we try to get to everybody so that we’re not just focusing on certain groups of people, so we are very diverse in doing that.”