Larrimore plans to retire, Martinek taking over athletic director position

Alexa Falls, Entertainment Editor

   Since 2008, social studies teacher Timothy Larrimore has been the athletic director for North Harford High School’s sports. As of this year, health teacher Justin Martinek will be taking over that position. 

    This is Larrimore’s last year at North Harford, and Martinek took this position to continue Larrimore’s achievements and make his own. The athletic director’s job includes many things, such as, “coordinate and administrate all athletics at the high school. Teams, coaches, facilities, buses, officials, schedules, etc.” Larrimore explains.  

    He says that one of his goals when starting his job as athletic director was to “provide quality and dependable coaches, equipment, and leadership to the athletic program.” He adds, “I also have a very close and productive relationship with the Booster Club. I pride myself on being organized and hopefully that has been reflected in my work.” 

    Although Larrimore says that he “enjoyed being the athletic director at North Harford for the past 14 years,” he mentions, “it is mentally and physically challenging.” He adds “being athletic director is a full-time job” and that he is “ready to retire.” Larrimore is happy that his job will be taken over by Martinek, “I’m certain that Mr. Martinek will be a great athletic director.” 

    He adds, “he deeply cares about the school and has the energy to do a great job.” Larrimore says, “I’m sure Mr. Martinek has some ideas of his own to improve the athletic program.  There is always room for improvement.” After retiring from his job, Larrimore plans to “spend more time biking, hiking, boating, fishing, crabbing, and hunting” since he enjoys the outdoors. He adds, “I also enjoy warm weather and the beach and plan on spending more time there.” 

    Martinek says that he is, “excited but nervous because it’s going to be a new position for me.” He adds, “I took this position because of my enjoyment for all sports, not just the ones that I coach.” Martinek says that he plans to accomplish a few things as the new athletic director, “one is providing athletes a network of resources outside of the school.” Although he is happy to spend more quality time outside, he mentions “I will be around [North Harford for] some [of] the games.  I enjoy watching high school sports.” 

    Another plan he has is, “preparing athletes to play at the next level with a focus on grades, types of workouts, change in mentality, time management.” He also hopes to have, “a State Championship team return to NH, the last was lacrosse in 1995.” 

    Martinek is confident in his ability to be the athletic director and says, “I have the education background for the position with a Master’s in Coaching and Athletic Administration. He adds, “Mr. Larrimore has been slowly introducing me to some of his routines and how he does things to give me some sort of starting point.”