Next year’s SGA results are in, Students are ready to take their positions

Isabel Kropkowski, Features Editor

     Opponents, voting and campaigning. The annual SGA elections are taking place. The results are already in for next school year’s president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. The students running are ready to take on their future positions for next year.

      Junior Lauren Kramer, who is running for senior class president, hopes to listen to students’ requests for events like spirit week and other SGA events. They hope to take all suggestions into consideration. Lauren states they, “hope to be an advocate for everyone in [their] grade no matter the social group.”

      Jenna Amrhein, who is running for senior class treasurer, has a goal of working with other students to have an enjoyable senior year. She stated, “I chose to run for SGA because I want to be more involved in the school.” Amrhein hopes she can provide a fun and memorable senior year for her class.

      There are currently no requirements to run for a spot in the SGA. However, a speech is needed for the campaign. If elected, an acknowledgement is necessary to show the commitment to the SGA. If anyone wishes to run in the years to come, Ms. Fisher-Smith and Ms. Martin are the teachers who are in charge. 

     During late March or early April, the announcements will give dates for a sign up window. To sign up, Ms. Fisher-Smith (room D220)  has the sign up sheet. All that is needed is your name next to the position(s) you would like to run for.

     Fisher-Smith states that in non-Covid years, “the SGA is responsible for homecoming, an academic awards assembly, class elections, a blood drive, Hawkstock and many class council meetings including in school and countywide.” Each position is chosen by the student with the most votes. The elections are conducted in social studies classes.

     Each grade level has their own president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. But the whole school also has one SGA for all grades. The president’s job is to oversee all events and to delegate responsibilities to make events run smoothly. The vice president, secretary and treasurer do what is asked by the president. As well as the treasurer keeping track of finances. The secretary has the responsibility of note taking at meetings.

      The results of the election have not been posted yet, but are coming soon. Those students will start to take their position in the SGA starting next school year.