Costa Rica trip this summer; Covid delayed excursion for two years


Jean Buttitta

Flowers from Costa Rica.

Ben Iampieri, Copy Editor

     After two years of delays, Mrs. Jean Buttitta’s Costa Rica trip is set for the second week of July.

     Buttitta has been to Costa Rica six times, with this trip being her fourth with students. Other than a few COVID restrictions, the itinerary has been relatively the same throughout the years.

     While trying to schedule the trip, it was delayed by two years. “I postponed and then things just kept going up and down with the [COVID] warnings,” Buttitta explains. “With the second [delay] it was going to be testing everyday and wasn’t going to be a fun vacation, so we postponed again. I am hoping this time we will be fine.”

     Attendees are going to have to wear masks sometimes and have to present a COVID-free test two days prior to the trip. “We still have to jump through those hoops but so does anyone else going outside of the country,” Buttitta says.

     According to the itinerary, the trip begins in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. After spending the first night in the hotel, students will travel to Arenal and visit the Arenal Volcano National Park.

     On the third day, participants will go on a Lake Arenal kayaking tour, Hanging Bridges excursion, and a Hot Springs visit. Sophomore Michael O’Leary is most excited for the kayaking.

     The next day, students will travel to Monteverde, visit a local school, and participate in a canopy zip line tour.

     On the fifth day, Monteverde landmarks will be explored with a Santa Elena Biological Reserve visit, a tree planting, and a horseback ride.

     The following day, attendees will travel to the Puntarenas and get free time at the beach.

     Next, students go on a Manuel Antonio National Park guided visit.

     On the eighth day, participants will travel to San Jose thru Sarchi, and visit the Sarchi craft village.

     For the last full day, students will go on a whitewater rafting guided excursion, and have a folklore evening.

     On the final day, after having breakfast, participants in the trip will fly home.

     “I am most excited to be able to see the different excursions and sights in Costa Rica and also be able to speak Spanish with fluent speakers,” junior Lundyn Prinz says. “I have never traveled outside of the country which is why I am very excited to get to experience this.

     O’Leary, who has also never been outside of the country, is looking forward to the trip. “I think it’ll be fun,” he says.

     Buttitta really enjoys Costa Rica. “I think it is paradise, they’re motto is ‘pura vida,’ which is ‘just have fun,” she explains. “Their  number one product is ecotourism so they take very good care of their visitors.”