SGA hosts HCRASC meeting; Students learn life skills

Mekenzie McCann, H/S Editor


On Oct. 13, the first Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils (HCRASC) meeting of the year took place and was hosted here at NHHS.

     To prepare for the meeting, the members of the Student Government Association (SGA) created posters, set up the auditorium for the guest speakers, and prepared the cafeteria with the snacks. 

     Keegan Huss, freshman, comments that she helped to set up the cafeteria, but she also helped set up the auditorium for the meeting by getting “tablecloths” and “pulled out chairs and moved some tables around.”

     NHMS’s SGA members also helped with the preparation. The members stood outside the cafeteria, greeted the other school’s members, and directed them on their way to the cafeteria. 

     Before the meeting, many other school’s SGA’s were brought to the school on buses to attend the meeting. As the other school’s club members arrived at the school, they were brought into the cafeteria. Students were offered donuts and water, and coffee was offered for the advisors. 

     When the meeting began, the President of the SGA, senior Julia Blondell, commented that she “discussed what [the] plans are for this year, whether [the club is] doing any fundraisers, if [SGA] want[s] to do anything fun involving activities and other clubs, and also figured out how [the club is] going to raise money for next year’s prom and homecoming.”

     Blondell states that after “coming back from COVID…everybody [at the meeting] participated, and everybody was not afraid to voice their opinions” despite the lack of meeting numbers last year.

     Huss states that the whole meeting “went well [and] it was really successful.” Huss said that she has never “been to an HCRASC meeting, so [she] did not know the standards [that were trying to be met], but it was a great meeting and [she] learned a lot.” 

     At the meeting, Blondell says that they “talked about volunteering, fundraising, and just how [all the other organizations] are going to be able to communicate together because there was a lack of communication last year, and [she] feel[s] that a lot was not getting done.”

     The students that attended the meeting listened and “gained a lot of information about applying to colleges and being more confident with [their] decisions about [their] future, being more supportive of each other, and whether or not if [the students] actually want to commit to something [or not],” comments Blondell. 

     Huss says that she “learned [a lot] about colleges and applications, […] learned a lot from counselors, […] and learned how the general meeting worked.”