Springing into festival fun; Food, refreshments, activities at Fawn View


On May 27, Harford County local Mary Stewart will be hosting the annual Spring Farm Festival at Fawn View. The festival will run for four hours, beginning at 1 in the afternoon and ending at 4pm.

      This is the fifth time that this event will be hosted, according to Stewart. Stewart has high hopes for the festival, explaining that the time at the fair is usually a “great” one. She also added that this day is an anticipated event, and is “excited” for the occasion. She shares that she believes the day of the festival will be a “special, fun, and relaxing day” for all of the citizens attending.

      Usually, according to Stewart, around “a couple thousand people” attend yearly, joining together for all of the fun and excitement that the event entails. Attendants can expect a variety of entertainment at the farm.

      Food, drinks, and activities for all will be offered on the big day. Multiple food trucks and refreshments will be around the festival farm grounds, including pit beef, lemonade, and sweet treats such as Kona Ice, funnel cakes, and more.

      Activities like face-painting, a petting zoo, and more are to be provided at the fair, which will be of no cost to anyone attending. Hands-on education is also going to be offered to attendants on the day of the festival.

      Around 50 vendors will be present also. Stewart mentioned that hand-made “unique” crafts and candles will be available for purchasing at the fair, as well as more products from other vendors. Some of the vendors are even “North Harford alumni,” says Stewart.

      Live music is another addition to the festival’s atmosphere. Anyone planning to attend can expect live country/rock music to be played as they explore the ground and participate in the event.

      Stewart is practically “delighted” to serve from “The Cow Crossing,” which is her own ice-cream and milkshakes business. The treats will be offered at the fair, including soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, and more!

      Be sure to make it out onto the countryside this late May, and enjoy all of the anticipated events and treats!