Kitchen manager retirement announced; Klapka flips to new chapter

Bella Arist, Reporter

     Staff member Mrs. Earliene Klapka works with the cafeteria staff and is retiring after 11 years at the high school. She will not be working after her retirement, so this is the end of her journey. 

    She explains, “I have been working a total of 33 years. I started out at North Harford Elementary and worked there for 17 years. Then, I moved to the middle school and went there for five years. Finally, I finished off here, and this will be my eleventh year working at the high school.”

     She wants to retire to “spend time with [her] husband who is also retired.” The staff member explains, “My favorite part is everything. I absolutely love my staff, I love working with the kids, and I love working with my vendors. Also, my bosses always support me and everything I do.” 

     Klapka says, “Something that isn’t my favorite within this job is on Sunday night, when my phone rings and people start to call out. While it is very frustrating, I get over it as soon as I talk to the person on the phone.” 

     The cafeteria worker shares, “After I retire, my husband and I aren’t travelers; we are definitely homebodies. We will go as far as Tennessee to visit his brother. It will just be nice being able to spend time with each other without the pressures and commitment of work.” 

     Klapka’s “experience at the high school has been great. The people here like staff and administrators are all outstanding.” She says, “Everybody here has made me feel so welcomed and part of their school from the very beginning.” 

     This staff member wanted to shout out two people. She shouted out the “office staff because if [she] ever needs anything, they are always there to support [her].” She also wanted to shout out her cook because she always has her “back and there whenever [she] needs.” 

     Overall, Klapka will “miss all the people the most and will never forget [her] time here.” 

     A couple of Klapka’s co-workers have some kind words to share about her. Including Mrs. Shenna Morrison, who mentioned “She has been a great manager and a great friend. She leads an amazing kitchen and we are going to miss her so much.” 

     Another staff member, Mrs. Leisa Gahler, shares, “What I love most about [Klapka] is her kindness and positive energy she brings to the kitchen.” 

     Kitchen worker Mrs. Judy Galbreath says, “I have been working with [Klapka] for eight years, and she is very nice. We are all like family here, so I am definitely going to miss her presence.” 

     Lastly, Mrs. Renee Stotler claims, “She has been a great manager and very helpful. It has been such a pleasure to work with her and I am very grateful for what she has brought to our staff.”