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Should the northern Harford County area have its own 'snow zone' for inclement weather days?

  • YES (92%, 60 Votes)
  • NO (8%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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Alumni Toby Ziegler making music his career; Tours with John Paycheck and the Cavalry

     In June John Paycheck and the Cavalry will be touring all over the USA! The band is made up of 7 people coming from all different states.

   The musicians include  John Paycheck (leader/vocals), Matt Gallant (lead guitar), Kevin McCabe  (drums), Liam Bornovski (steel guitar), Rob Gabriel (bass), Scott Gabbey (rhythm guitar), and NH alumni, Toby Ziegler( fiddle)Although it is not the first band Ziegler has been in, it is his first time touring.

     Ziegler says, “Throughout the years, I’ve started a few bands/groups myself, and I’ve also been asked to join some.” 

     In this case, he was contacted online by the group he will be with. “They found some of my videos and messaged me about joining the group to tour with them.”

     Ever since Ziegler was younger, he has always loved music and started playing the violin when he was in fourth grade. He says, “I played 4th and 5th grade and almost quit after that. My parents and my teacher encouraged me to keep going at least one more year, so I did.”

     Ziegler continues, “Once I hit 6th grade, I really began to enjoy playing, and I kept wanting to do more and more. I started taking private lessons, and I joined different groups and orchestras outside of school.”

     Some people may recognize the name “Paycheck” and that is because Ziegler is touring with famous country artist Johnny Paycheck’s son.

     Paycheck is already connected with the music industry which has given the group a chance to do this tour. “He’s also pretty connected down in Nashville, and when he decided he wanted to do music full time, he went to his promoter, and she started putting a tour together for us.”

     For the tour, they “do country”. However, on Ziegler’s own he mainly performs country and jazz. As far as traveling goes, the group will be going “place to place” on a bus.

     He continues, “I play many instruments, but my two primary instruments are violin (fiddle) and saxophone. I’ll be playing mostly fiddle on tour, but there will be a song or two I’m playing saxophone on.”

     Ziegler says that he is most excited to be doing what he loves and turning it into a career for himself. He even says he doesn’t believe he will be homesick but “it will be nice to be back and see people when the tour concludes.”

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