Wishing back to summer days; Dreading upcoming chilly weather

Charlotte Mcelwain

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I really want to be part of the trend with all the “sweater weather” talk and the day trips full of pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and hot apple cider. But… sorry, I am just not feeling it.

It is too cold to even go outside without two to three layers on.

Oh and those cute little bennies give me the worst hat hair you have ever seen;

Those who tell me to try and see the glass as half full when it comes to fall,  trust me I am trying.  But the “glass” is totally empty in my eyes; do you wanna know why… the glass is frozen.

And as far as those gold, red, and orange  fall colors, they are lovely so long as they are on a blanket under which I can snuggle up.  But those pretty gold, red, and orange leaves on my lawn are a pain to rake up after every single little gust of wind.

What really sucks is that all my friends are all fall fanatics so they want to go out and take cute photos to post everywhere with the corny caption like, “I’m FALLing for fall” or “ It’s fall y’all”. Holy guacamole, give me a break. Fair warning;  if you want a cute photo with me, you will get maybe 15 minutes of my time but then I will run back inside, throw on my sweatpants, and cuddle with my dog.

Oh and all the spooky season nonsense, personally I don’t want some dude dressed up like a psycho clown chasing me around in my dreams and then stressing that my nightmare might come true the next day at Walmart. And, I cannot be the only one who thinks getting candy from some stranger, at night is really weird, right? And when I do end up going to Halloween parties I see people wearing ridiculous costumes, like how on earth can someone think wearing a black tank top and drawing some whiskers on your face with eyeliner and then calling yourself  a cat is normal..

And the above all, the worst part of fall is what comes afterward…winter! Honestly, it’s the worst time of year; you constantly have a runny nose and you can never get your feet warm enough. Don’t even get me started on snow, I don’t want to think about snow days. Anything that takes away from my summer vacation is considered horrible, plain and simple.

So while you are snuggled up with your hot cocoa and wrapped up in a 18 layers of cute winter clothes, I will be planning for the next time I can break out my flip flops, sunscreen, and a beach towel.


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