Government shutdown threatens Marylanders; 172,000 residents face federal failure


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On December 22, the government was placed on a shutdown that has now been in effect for over 3 weeks, with an end that does not seem to be anywhere in sight.  With President Trump continuously pleading for more than $5 billion to fund the U.S.-Mexico border wall, the consequences of the failure to operate any government occupation have spread to every part of the U.S.  

      Many federal workers have been going without pay and will continue to receive nothing and, according to CNBC, the effects on Americans who rely on the federal safety net are continuously growing.  

     A government shutdown is exactly what it sounds like.  A major part of the federal government receives its funding from annual budget appropriations decided between Congress.  Some agencies received enough funding to function properly while other agencies relied heavily on temporary extensions, which expired on December 21, leaving these departments to be shutdown.  

     An astounding 800,000 federal workers throughout the nine departments of the Cabinet have been affected, with nearly 420,000 government workers to be left without pay.  The longer the shutdown stays in effect, the worse the outcomes will be concerning the impact not only on federal workers, but those who rely on their services.

     Of all 50 states being most at risk, Maryland ranks No. 3. Maryland is also tied with D.C. with the highest share of federal jobs, making it that much easier to select us as an easy target.  

     The state is expected to lose millions in tax wages and revenue as tax filing season opens at the end of January.  

     A multitude of Maryland companies are no longer available during the time of the shutdown, including the Food and Drug Association of Montgomery County, Fort McHenry in Baltimore, and even most National Parks.  

    This means that most meats and/or other food products such as produce,cheese, and seafood are not forced to be routinely inspected for bacteria or other high risk ingredients by the FDA.  

     You would think that the number one thing to be on your mind as a president would be that your people are being taken care of, and not a wall that’s cost would provide so much more to the people who are in need of fresh food and wages to keep their families safe.  

      Everyone is entitled to what they believe is right for the greater good.  The question is: how do those who in charge sleep at night knowing that thousands of Americans are struggling to make ends meet because of a game of tug-of-war that continues to be played between political players.  

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