Leaves fall, mood drops; Seasonal Affective Disorder

Chloe Ward, Reporter

Chilly air and sweaters are finally here after a summer that feels like it lasted years. For many, this is a happy time of family bonding and pumpkin spice coffees. However, not everyone feels that joy when the first leaf falls. If you feel your heart sink, and the cold air seems to freeze you down to your bed even further, it is okay, and you are most definitely not alone.

Being stuck in the house through the months when we should be on vacation has been difficult for everyone. Mental health has been a large, and for some a new issue. However, with these complex feelings, or sometimes lack thereof, it is very common for some seasons to be worse than others. Autumn is one of the toughest to get through for people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

School begins in the dawn of the season, which may feel like trying to keep yourself warm with a blanket made from thumbtacks. It is not always the most exciting thought, going back to socializing and doing homework that never feels like it will end.

If you experience this feeling, please express that with your friends or parents, even teachers. If you are too afraid to do so, there are ways to ease the stress. It may sound simple but take each assignment at a time. For me, keeping an organized planner helps tremendously. Assign each free hour with something simple. Or give yourself a small treat, like two m&ms after each task. It sounds elementary, but I assure you, you will feel so much more confident in your abilities by the end of it.

Or maybe school is no issue for you.

Autumn is a month that has a lot of pressure on family activities. Not everyone likes being around family for their own reasons, or even feels motivation to get up and eat with them. You should never have to be pressured to partake in anything that makes you feel anxious but do take into consideration their feelings as well. Maybe they miss you. Maybe try organizing a game night of some kind every week to get closer with them. They really are going to be around you for the rest of your life, remember that.

This season, for even more reasons than those few, can be difficult to get through. I hope this article will touch a few people, and that those people find each other so they have someone to talk to if they experience Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Try to treat yourself this spooky season. You will get through it, and I hope you will be proud of yourself for doing so.