Leaving doesn’t always mean goodbye; Sometimes it’s ‘see you soon’

KENDALL SCHUBERT, Business Manager

     I’m a happy person but the one thing that makes me feel like clouds are crowding my sky is thinking about how I’m going to be moving away from the people I love the most to fulfill the dreams I have for myself. 

     My relationship with my parents is one I’ll be eternally grateful for. They’ve shown me what true unconditional love looks like towards their children and towards each other. This has made me a family girl, but one that wants to travel and be where it’s warm. 

    It’s not that I want to leave Maryland, or my parents, or the life I have here. I want to experience a life outside of what I know. I want to grow in an environment I’ve chosen for myself.

     I love the warmth of the sun and the feeling that comes along with those sunny days. I’m a beach girl who loves to body surf in the waves and take walks on the beach. The desire I have to be somewhere that accommodates my favorite things is what I need to be happy on my own and grow as a person. 

     You constantly hear people saying, “I want to leave, I hate it here, I can’t wait to get away from my parents.” But my reasoning for wanting to get out of Maryland differs from many. I’ve chosen a college that will benefit my career choice and where I believe I’ll be the happiest. 

     A school that also happens to be seven hours away. 

    The thought of being so far away from my parents, my brother, and my best friends makes me go into hysterics. Despite knowing that this new chapter of my life will benefit me the most. During these final days of my childhood, I look back on my years and smile.

     The days of wrestling with my brother and doing my best to annoy him and his friends because I’m the baby sister and it’s my job to be annoying. The four years we spent apart while he was at college and now that he’s home, it’s my turn to go now.

     The countless memories I’ve made with my beautiful friends. The long lasting friendships, laughs, and car concerts. Being the only person in my friend group moving out of the state will make these last two months together the most cherishable time we have. 

     The jump from living with my parents and them being accessible to me and what I need to living on my own in an entirely different state several hours away will be an adjustment to say the least. The independence of my awaiting new life is one I’m ready to face. 

     I’m excited, scared, ready, nervous, happy, and sad. Every emotion hits me at a different time when I think about leaving Harford County. Being a happy person, the whirlwind of emotions I’m experiencing are hard to handle at times. 

    But time and time again, my people never fail to pull me out of whatever hole I start to fall in. Remind me that this is a good thing. This isn’t the end. The sun will continue to shine and I will continue to grow.