She said


     Chivalry was used as a term for knights in their shining armor. Obviously if a boy showed up to my house on a horse I would be very confused. But there definitely are some other things in society today that boys should do to make their girl feel special. 

     The relationship is more fun when the guy makes an effort to plan activities just as much as I do. The guy should be able to come up with cute ideas for us that are not just going to the movies or sports games. I want to see the gentleman side of you if you plan a picnic on a hill or a smoothe date sitting in a park. The activity should be casual but favored by both sides and NEVER SILENT! The whole point is to get to know the other person.

     There is no way we are leaving the house with you in your slippers. I’m not asking for a suit but a nice collared shirt and some khakis will do a great job. Sweatpants are onto the next level of dating, not yet.

      The young man should definitely be picking you up for a date. For me,  I think that it is a basic old school gesture but it is a fun part of a date, getting to ride together. A gentleman is going to occasionally surprise me with flowers. While flowers might be another old tradition to me they brighten the day. I love to look at them on the table. Not every time we hang out but on fun date nights it’s such a gentlemanly gesture.

     When I get in the car, I do not want to sit in the car and wait for you to walk across and have you open the door, I can handle it. If we are both walking up to the building door feel free to grab it but I don’t need to go through that embarrassing waiting.

      You’ve made it this far and you decide on dinner. This is not the time to break out your favorite fast food,I don’t need a five star but casual restaurants are sweet. 

     When we are eating I am not ready to deal with any food smacking or sloppy slurping. The gentleman is going to eat his food respectfully and not stuff his face. This is not the time to complete the eating challenge to get on the wall of fame.

     When it comes to paying for food I think the situation depends on if he should pay. If we are going out to get dinner on a date and making a night of going out then I think it is appropriate. However if we are just hanging out on a regular night and decide to get food I can pay for myself. I do not need to feel dependent on him to buy me everything. The occasional gesture is what is the key here.

     I’m not looking for the perfect man that can check all my boxes. I’m just interested in someone that wants to make an effort to do the things that I value and try to fulfil some gentlemanly qualities.