Pro life or pro regulation; Women’s choice on their bodies

Alexis Gott, Reporter

I should premise this by saying if you have no uterus, you have no entitlement to say what women are doing with their bodies. If you can never birth a human being, you have no entitlement. If you will never have to worry about being sexually assaulted with the result is an unwanted pregnancy, you have no entitlement. If you will never experience the feeling of your reproductive rights being pried away from you, you have no entitlement.

Recognize the pattern here? If an individual is someone who can never encounter what a woman may have to go through, there is no obligation to their name on a women’s reproductive right to have an abortion. That right does not belong to men.

Abortion is at high stakes. The Roe v. Wade court case is currently threatening the legal and safe opportunity to undergo the process of an abortion for those who need it. Notice the word choice of “safe” and “legal” abortions.

Prying away the option of abortions will not get rid of abortions in an entirety. It will only get rid of the offered abortions that are preformed by specialized professionals, safely. According to Boston University, “at least eight percent of global maternal deaths are estimated to have been caused by complications from an unsafe abortion.” In countries where abortions are not legal, they still happen. They just happen in a damaging way.

Pro-life advocates may argue that abortion is murder, but according to Cornell Law School, in the Roe v. Wade case of 1973 “the Court established that the word “person” as used in the Due Process Clause and in other provisions of the Constitution did not include the unborn, and therefore the unborn lacked federal constitutional protection.” Therefore, that statement pro-lifers desperately cling to, is debunked. There is no federal power that can support that an abortion is murder.

But what is murder, is the roughly 22,800 women who die annually because they have no access to an abortion, according to Boston University.

Women should be able to have their public health right to do what they want with their bodies. But when laws deprive them of such rights, it kills them. Eight precent of the world is lost from unsafe abortions every year, also according to Boston University.

Stop worrying about the unclassified “murders.” Start worrying about the thousands of lives being lost because human rights are being departed from women to prevent these unsafe abortions, which are ultimately killing so many women.

Absence of abortion will not help anyone. Women are not getting abortions to just get abortions. That is a common misperception amongst society.

Planned Parenthood listed some of the various reasons abortions happen, such as being “in an abusive relationship or being sexually assaulted,” or “the pregnancy [may be] dangerous or bad for their health,” and, “the fetus won’t survive the pregnancy or will suffer after birth.”

It should not be up to the Supreme Court, which is heavily dominated by men, to decide for women what is right for their bodies. Why is it that guns are less regulated than a uterus in the United States right now? Abortion does not do nearly as much as harm.

Mass shootings have been circulating all around our country for years, and no laws are being passed to stop it. But of course, laws are attempting to be passed to keep women from making their own health choices.

It takes less than a couple of seconds to sign a petition and take a stand. If this case is overturned, society will be going backwards. That is the last thing any minority wants. It is not expected for a white man to understand that fear, but maybe if they had the decency, they could consider it.