The destruction of our school and pride; Middle school mindset in high school

Neah Shaw, Reporter

  The last school I went to was Magnolia Middle School. In my area, Magnolia was known for its fights and theft problems. During lunch, I would have to bring my tray everywhere with me because it would get stolen otherwise. In the gym locker room, I would have to store everything in my small locker because girls would take your clothes, phone, money, or anything valuable to them. If they had something against you, they would fill up the clogged sink with water and put your belongings in there. Since this happened often, one of my friends had to start changing in the teacher’s room because girls kept trashing her locker.

       This is the type of middle school behavior that some of us took part in because of how immature we were. Going through ninth grade, that type of behavior mellowed out by the second quarter. I don’t know if it’s because of quarantine and the lack of interactions, but some of us still have that child-like middle school mindset.

       Doing silly TikTok trends like the “Devious Licks Challenge” that prompted kids to steal from their teachers and bathrooms is not funny. It’s quite annoying when the whole school must deal with the consequences.

      Actions like these show that students in this school have real character problems. The entitlement and disregard for our school and the community in it are sickening. We should not have to walk all the way across the school to use the bathroom because someone decided to vandalize or smoke in there. We should not have programs that might be stopped because you don’t know how to follow simple rules that even kindergarteners can understand.

      The art show is a great example of how disrespectful students are to the artists in our school that want to show off their hard work. Senior Silvia Martinez participated in the art show, and a, “geode [she] had since fifth grade and a little potions bottle” brought for decoration was stolen from her art piece.

       At the art show, there was a sign that said not to touch the artwork. It was a simple sign with simple words that should be easy to comprehend and follow.

     When going to an art show, you need to have some degree of respect for the artist and the hard work the individual put into it, even if it’s the smallest piece of respect you could muster.

      Destroying and stealing pieces of property makes you a nuisance that no one wants to deal with at seven in the morning. The barking, random screaming, food throwing, messiness in the bathroom, and more are childish behaviors that no one cares for anymore. Leave it at home and stop being infuriating.