Second amendment abusement; Explaining its harm in America


  As of September 5, 2022, the Gun Laws Archive has recorded 472 mass shootings this year. It has only been 276 days of 2022.

      Gun violence in America is exceedingly prevalent, and the cause of this are the laws controlling the weapon.

      Gun laws in the United States are weak. They provide little to no effort into owning a gun. The requirements to own a gun, as stated by The New York Times, can be done in “less than an hour,” and include only a quick background check to see if the person is a convicted felon or abuser.

      After an individual completes their background check, they are permitted to purchase their desired firearm.

      Less guns means less gun violence. It’s that simple. It should not be that easy to own a weapon so deadly. The amount of gun violence seen in America is unsettling.

      Violence from guns includes not just mass shootings, but also suicide, injuries, and even unintentional firearm deaths.

      “Firearms recently became the number one cause of death for children in the United States,” reported KFF. This relates to suicide by guns, shootings, and accidents involving guns.

     So, if guns are a leading cause of death, why are they so easy to attain?

      The second amendment gives citizens the right to obtain firearms to ensure safety and protection. But as of now, the ability to easily own firearms is the root of citizens’ lack of protection and safety.

      Abusement of the second amendment needs to be stopped. It’s killing America.

      The most common misconception about firming gun laws is that activists are attempting to completely get rid of gun laws, which in most cases, just isn’t true.

      Gun laws are important. They should be providing us safety and security in our homes, almost like a safety net for Americans. Knowing that there is a way to defend oneself if needed brings soundness and ease.

      But it doesn’t. It should not be normal to look for the quickest exit in a movie theater or have drills in schools in case a shooter is active in the building. But that is our sad reality.

      Representatives who have the ability to limit this happening should be using their power. It should be much harder to possess a firearm than it is now.

      Two steps to own a gun that can end lives in a blink of an eye does not sound like the American dream we usually imagine. So, why is that the brutal truth?