Super fans subjected to scrutiny; Sports fans celebrated for spirit

Noel Bailey, Op/Ed editor

 Sports fans. They support their favorite teams and players. They go to their games when they get the chance to. They dress up to show which team they support and their team spirit. 

     Fangirls. They support their favorite artists and bands. They go to their concerts when they get the chance to. They dress up for the concert to match the theme and feel good about themselves. 

     Do you see a difference between the two? Because I don’t. But for some reason there is a difference. Fangirls are looked down upon, while sports fans are treated like normal human beings.

     As soon as you say you’re a fan of a certain artist, people have something to say. Which in most sports cases yes, you do get negative feedback from people who don’t like the same team as you. But not how fangirls do. 

     Personally, I think Harry Styles fans get the most hate. Which, yes, this could be biased because I am one of those fans. We go to concerts dressed up in bright colors, lots of patterns, sparkles, boas, and more on. That’s how most people go to his concerts. Fans have even copied his outfits to wear to the concerts. But this is what we get the most hate for- How we show our support through outfits.  

     Football fans do the same thing, though. They usually don’t show up to games with sparkles and boas on, but they come dressed up in team colors. At North Harford’s games, the themes we dress for at the games are the same thing. You’re showing your support for our school and team through dressing up for the games. 

     That’s what girls do when they go to concerts. They show up dressed up like the artist to show their support. The only difference between the two is that one is a sports team and the other is an artist. 

     Even at the world sport games people show up painting themselves as the colors of the team they support. That has been happening forever. People have been known to paint names on their stomach to make a point that their team and fans are better than the other.  

     This is hypocritical and sexist. Fangirls are doing the same thing as male sports fans except in different ways of expressing themselves through their clothing. It comes down to the fact that it’s girls dressing up for something they enjoy and that not being sports. 

     It’s hypocritical to make fun of a girl dressing up for a concert if you go and dress up for the football games every Friday night.