Reading isn’t considered “nerdy” anymore; Media, society now find hobby socially acceptable

     In the past, reading has been viewed as a somewhat “nerdy” hobby. However, it has more recently become scientifically proven that reading makes you smarter. So, why do people hate on this hobby so much?  

     Well, let’s unpack this issue, shall we?

     According to Oxford Languages, a nerd is someone who is “characterized by great enthusiasm for and knowledge about a particular subject.” People often associate readers with being nerdy and knowing everything about every imaginable subject. However, some read just for entertainment, and for the positive benefits that come with the hobby.

     According to, reading has numerous benefits to our brains. These benefits can include improving vocabulary, strengthening your problem solving skills, expanding knowledge of current events, and more.

     Reading is also a great way to escape into our imaginations, rather than scrolling on social media. It engages our minds and can act as a distraction to our problems.  

     Other health benefits of reading include lowering anxiety and stress, and improving readers mental health, according to They stated that a study in 2009 proved that “reading was able to reduce stress levels by 68%,” which made it more effective than listening to music or going on a walk to relieve stress.   

     Reading is something you don’t have to practice to be good at, to enjoy. It’s a skill that slowly progresses over time.  Honestly, just pick up a book and start! There’s a plethora of genres out there, and anybody could find a book about something they are interested in.

     Now, for the social aspect of it. Social media is more encouraging than ever about this popular hobby. For example, many TikTok users will find themselves on BookTok occasionally; this is the side of the app where users can find book reviews, recommendations, and discussions. It’s like its own little community.

     Being part of these communities gives you a sense of belonging, and you get to engage with others who spend their time with their nose in a book.

     Finally, reading is a great way to expose yourself to other cultures and ways of life that you may not have learned about in English or history class. In this day and age, knowledge is power.

     So the next time somebody throws out an insult about this subject, just remember that you’re having fun while expanding your knowledge. That person probably can’t say the same about their hobby of Snapchatting.